How to Replace Parts

Strongbag Warranty Conditions

This section is designed to help you save time and money by doing the easy stuff at home! If you have any trouble understanding or viewing these directions, please contact us for help.

Wheel Well & Wheels

  1. Open your Rollerbag and unzip the liner.
  2. Remove the 4 screws from around the wheel well. You will need to grip the nylon nut bolt from the inside while you unscrew from the outside.
  3. Pull out the well.
  4. Remove the bolt from within the wheel. Push the small clip out of position, and pull out the bolt.
  5. Replace the wheel and washers. There’s one washer on each side.
  6. Replace the axle and attach the clip through the slot on the axle.
  7. Replace the well. Make sure to tuck the material in.
  8. Replace the 4 screws around the wheel well and tighten.

Retrofit Handle For Vortex 22

This new handle is robust and a nice replacement for your current Vortex 22 and 21 rollerbag. It is the current handle that is in all our Vortex 21 rollers, but has been modified to fit the 22 roller that you may have.

  1. To replace the broken handle, take an electric screwdriver and remove the 2
    bottom handle shaft screws. Keep these as they will be needed for 2 of the 5 top replacement screws later on.
  2. Remove the inside plastic plate (5 screws) and discard. The plastic plate on the original should be discarded as a new inside modified plate will be given.
  3. Extend the handle about 8-10”. Then pry the plastic back of the handle fitting away from the bag and lift up. The handle assembly should all come loose. Lift out and discard.
  4. Replace with the new handle and extend and place the bottom 2 shafts inside the 2 existing slots at the bottom of the inside of the roller. Push down as far as possible and secure with 2 self drilling screws. These screws should be drilled about ¼” from the top of the plastic and go through the plastic and metal shaft on each side. Make new holes and do not use the lower holes from old handle.
  5. Fit the new handle on top inside the current space in the frame and you may
    need to use a rubber mallet or hammer to be sure that the new handle is
    centered and flush with the frame on the back and top. It won’t be perfect but should be close to correct.
  6. Make sure that there is no material in the way. Tuck inside and repeat above
    step if necessary for proper fit.
  7. Once the main handle is in place, be sure to use provided inside back handle
    plate and use the 3 black screws we provide plus the 2 from the bottom and affix the plate to the plastic bosses from the handle.
  8. Check for proper function of the handle. It might be stiff at first and will have a break in period for smooth movement.

3 Stage Handle

  1. Open your Rollerbag and unzip the liner.
  2. Remove 5 screws on the plastic handle interior near the top of the bag. Remove this plastic piece.
  3. Follow the 2 black shafts of the handle to the bottom of the bag. At the base of the shafts, there is a black plastic piece.
  4. Where the 2 shafts enter this plastic piece, there are 2 screws, 1 in each shaft, Remove each screw. You can leave the bottom plastic piece in place. While working on the next step – leave your luggage handle locked in place.
  5. On the exterior plastic portion of the luggage handle, the bottom 2 corners need to be pulled out of their holes first. If needed, go to the inside of the bag and push out the plastic buttons on the back plate in order to remove the plastic piece. You may need to work with it going around the entire plastic piece little by little.
  6. Remove the handle assembly.
  7. Take the new handle and feed it through the opening.
  8. Feed the shafts of the handle through the bottom plastic portion, press the button on your luggage handle to extend these 2 shafts fully.
  9. Screw each shaft in the plastic bottom.
  10. Maneuver the plastic top portion so the plugs on the handle, fit into their position through the aluminum frame.
  11. Screw the interior top plastic piece, making sure that the screws go into the plastic buttons.

Replaceable Material Exterior

  1. Remove all of the exterior screws for the top, side and bottom handles, j-hook strap, wheel wells, and the 2 protective plastic strips.
  2. There are 27 screws to remove. You can leave the bottom plastic portion of the luggage handle in place.
  3. On each side of the bottom of the bag, undo the Velcro.
  4. Now the material will pull off like a pillow case.
  5. Take the new material and replace it on all 4 corners.
  6. Working slowly, pull down on each corner about 1 inch at a time making sure that the bag material is centered. You may need to check to see if the inside liner is not bundled up under the outer skin. Pull from the inside.
  7. Make sure the material is aligned correctly with the corners of the bag and centered correctly. The holes that are pre-made may not line up exactly, which is ok. The friction with the screw when installing the parts will melt through the skin without a problem and is ok.
  8. Continue at this pace until you have the material fully in place. Pull on material from the bottom numerous times to ensure an accurate fit.
  9. Seal the Velcro on the bottom, centering the bottom rubber piece. *For install with Vortex 1 Frames, the bottom tab holes will not line up as with a Vortex 2 frame. This is ok as well. Just drill through the holes and place a screw and nylon nut to cover up. The bottom fabric handle holes are in the correct spot.
  10. You will need to take a sharp utility knife and cut the material for the wheel wells. Use the metal frame as a guide, and start at each corner inward at an angle towards the middle or center of the wheel well opening. Do this for each side.
  11. Start replacing the pieces from the bottom up. These include the handles, j-hook, small clips, 3 stage handle, protective strips. If you start with the wheel wells first, the fabric will hold correctly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.