Replaceable Exterior Skin for Vortex Rollerbags


Simple, Easy, Cost Effective Replacement of your old Vortex Crew luggage skin. This exterior replacement includes the Cordura shell, along with all pockets and zippers. It does not include the J-hook, fast clip, and handles. If you need other replacement parts, in addition to the exterior shell, please order separately.

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The entire Cordura Ballistic material exterior is replaceable by removing all the screws, wheels, and handles on your present Vortex Crew rollerbag. It fits on like a slip-cover and assembly instructions are on our How to Replace Parts If you have the earlier version of the Vortex bag, (Vortex 1 has a metal tab on the bottom of the bag, Vortex 2 has the black plastic nylon fitting on bottom) the new Vortex 2 skin is supplied with a velcro peel and stick strip which will secure the skin on the bottom of the frame. Dimensionally the early version frame, and later model frames are the same.


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